John Boyce is an incredibly talented trainer and developer of training materials that succinctly address complex food industry needs. His ability to deliver spot-on information in both an educational and entertaining way is a skillset that I have rarely encountered while working with dozens of professional trainers and training organizations over my 40-year career in the food industry.

While we worked together at Trident, John used his training skills as well as his in-depth knowledge of various certification standards (particularly the BRCGS Global Standard for Food Safety), to provide foundational and thorough final preparation training that led to certification of some of the largest, most remote, and challenging seafood manufacturing facilities in the world. He was able to establish thorough and disciplined internal audit procedures, and then provide credentialed training to facility staff to carry out the internal audits and monitor corrective actions required to resolve any observed non-conformances.

John’s broad-based industry experience combined with wit, wisdom and energetic delivery style make him the most effective trainer I have had the pleasure to work with over the years.

Kenny Lum
Vice President of Food Safety & Quality Assurance (FSQA)
Trident Seafoods Corporation, Seattle, WA

John Boyce was instrumental in planning and successfully implementing the program provided at the 2019 Better Seafood Processing School. After attending the initial program in 2018, he was excited to volunteer as a member of the organizing committee. His years of service and expertise in seafood safety combined with his collaborative spirit were valuable assets to our team. As a presenter, he provided easy to understand, comprehensive information related to various aspects of safe processing of seafood. John is a pleasure to work with and perfectly combines passion and knowledge with his endeavors.

Angee Hunt
Director, Better Seafood Processing School (BSPS) 2017-2020, Astoria, OR
The BSPS is organized in collaboration with
the Oregon State University Seafood Research and Education Center
and Seafood Products Association (SPA).

A selection of feedback from participants in John’s Seafood HACCP courses:

– Thank you for your interesting way of giving the information, with humor, for keeping us involved and interested, for making difficult information understandable, even for people who have never had such information like me. 

– The best trainer I’ve ever had – so far!

– Deep knowledge of the seafood business, along with excellent presentation skills.  Innovative approach to training.  It is hard to find a presenter who not only has expertise, but also models the strategies when presenting.

– I learned so much about food safety, but also about how to conduct an intensive & lengthy training session in a way that is engaging and fulfilling for the participants.  Your passion for the material lit me up – and it made me realize that if you deliver a message with passion and enthusiasm, it’s going to be received in a really positive way. 

– I only began to learn English a few years ago.  Even though this class was in English, I felt sometimes like you were speaking in Spanish to me – because you spoke clearly enough for me to understand the material easily – and your training slides helped me to understand as well.