COVID-19 Note:

Due to border restrictions right now, I’m available for in-plant work only in British Columbia and Alberta.  For virtual training or audit/inspection activities, I’m here for you. 

In-Plant Training:

I’ll work with you to develop and deliver plant-specific training sessions that engage your workforce.

Internal Auditor Training & Coaching:

I’ll train and coach your internal auditors to help them deliver robust results.

In-Plant Inspections

Rotate me into your regular facility inspections to help your team step up their game and identify those situations which threaten your products. 

Program and System Audits:

I’ll deliver robust audits that help ensure your compliance with applicable food safety regulations, GFSI audit schemes, and other third-party and customer audits.

Seafood HACCP Training:

I can deliver customized Seafood HACCP Training for your fish processing facilities which will engage your workforce – and ensure compliance with the training requirements of the United States’ FDA regulations (21 CFR Part 123). Your customized course can then be certified by the Seafood HACCP Alliance (SHA) per their fee structure.

Incident Investigations and Trouble-Shooting:

It helps to have an outside set of eyes when investigating a troublesome situation. I’ll bring my experience and insights to your team.

Public Speaking:

I’ve had the opportunity over the past several years to deliver a variety of talks on issues of food safety, sustainability, GFSI certification, and other topics. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need a public speaker for your event.